Dixie Gillaspie – Firestarter, Speaker, Author, Activator, Coach

Dixie Gillaspie’s work as a coach and consultant has spanned nearly 30 years of activating human potential and building successful businesses.

Beginning in 1994 as a business analyst and management consultant for a U.S. based national consulting firm, she left in 1998 to build her own consulting practice. After shifting her focus to leadership coaching, she co-founded Return To Your Power, working with business and social leaders to consciously create new realities in life and business.

Dixie holds certifications as a Magnetic Mind Coach, a Charter Human Team Activator, and a Soul Language Practitioner. She is also the creator and primary coach for the Super Creators Transformation program, a process of claiming innate gifts, transforming old identities, and stepping into truth and power to create anything you love.

She is the author of Just Blow It Up - Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life and co-author with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and others, of The Thought That Changed My Life Forever.

Her latest book, The Truth About Winter, is an allegorical work of fiction that takes the reader through a story of her own return to power, a journey that moves from survival and denial, through her history of childhood physical and sexual abuse, to arrive on the other side of trauma to create a life she loves.

Dixie is the TEDx presenter of “Feminine Traits and the Business Economy” and was honored as a “Woman of the Decade in Enterprise and Innovation” by the Women Economic Forum. She is a past member of the Forbes Coaches Council and has also been an Executive Editor for The Good Men Project and a weekly columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine.  Her articles have also been featured numerous publications including HuffPost, Fox News, Thrive Global, and MariaShriver.com.

Dixie's 30 years as a business leader and entrepreneur, combined with her deep passion for creation, innovation, and bringing out the highest and best in her fellow humans, add a wealth of inspiring wisdom and grounded pragmatism to all her enterprises.

In her own words … Why Return To Your Power?

Return To Your Power is more than a business name, more than a brand. It's a personal mission.

Since my first introduction to story I have been obsessed with tales of coming into power. Myths, legends, fiction, fantasy, and history all came together for me into one central theme – stepping into the fullest embodiment and expression of innate, creative power.

That power is not the power of force but the power of creation. It’s not ours to “make it happen” by pushing it into world and onto others around us, but rather to simply make it, as an artist makes a masterpiece, as a chef makes a meal.

Today, in a world that is fascinated by, even captive to, ideas of brokenness I’m more determined than ever to share the message and the process for returning to our personal truth and power. None of us are broken. Our structures are broken, our beliefs are broken, even our relationships and connections may be broken. But people are not. Ever. Broken.

This is my truth. If you share it, I’d love for you to join me. Let’s co-create a life you love and a world we both want to live in.

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