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Dixie Gillaspie

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  • Conscious Creation Coach

    Dixie Gillaspie stepped into entrepreneurship in 1994 as a business analyst and consultant, followed her gift into coaching seven years later, and has been helping clients achieve their "impossibles" ever since.

    As the co-founder of Return To Your Power and creator of the revolutionary Super Creators Transformation program, Dixie continues to live out her mission to teach leaders how to stay in the right structure to create success in life and business.

    A self-described confirmed coffee fanatic, allergic to "can't", and in love with story, Dixie is the TEDx presenter of “Feminine Traits and the Business Economy,” the author of Just Blow It Up - Firepower for Living an Unlimited Life, co-author with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and others of The Thought That Changed My Life Forever, and contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, and HuffPost. She currently serves as the Director of Projects and Events for the Media Arts and Communications wing of the G100, and has been honored as "Woman of the Decade in Enterprise and Innovation" by the Women Economic Forum. Her most recent book, The Truth About Winter, arrives early 2023.

    Dixie's 30 years as a business leader and entrepreneur, combined with her deep passion for creation, innovation, and bringing out the highest and best in her fellow humans, add a wealth of inspiring wisdom and grounded pragmatism to all her enterprises.

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  • In a Group or 1:1

    Return To Your Power is centered on the principle that everyone is a powerful creator. That everyone can return to a place of truth and power to create anything they desire. Personally and individually, or professionally as a leader or member of a team, we all have that power.

    There are 5 steps in the creation process, and these steps are the same whether you want to create a high-performing team, a healthy community, a loving relationship, a thriving business, a healthy body, an overflowing bank account, or the next “Great American Novel.” Love, health, fame, fortune, even empires – the process is the same.

    Dixie Gillaspie, founder and lead coach, uses a combination of coaching, mental training, somatic intuition, neuroactivation and superconscious recodes to bring all three levels of consciousness into alignment in the creative structure to build momentum and release resistance so that individuals and teams can create what they desire without struggle.


Supercreators coaching
Tom Ruwitch

There’s no better coach, teacher or guide I’ve ever worked with. My results sometimes surprise even me, and I no longer struggle with resistance. I’m moving steadily toward my goals with clarity and confidence AND I'm harnessing my power to achieve extraordinary things. I am a Super Creator!


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Speaking Montage

    If your audience is coming to receive insight, inspiration, wisdom, and practical instruction on how to create results, activate human potential, and transform energy and outcomes then you want to invite Dixie Gillaspie to the stage.

    Her high-energy presentation style combined with more than 30 years of experience in business, leadership, and personal transformation, served up with humor, respect, and an authentic connection to the audience, delivers rapid fire aha moments, immediate action steps, and lasting impact.

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Writings on standing in truth and power, transforming our energy into high-vibe levels of love, joy, and fulfillment, and living as the powerful creators we were born to be.


Articles on the Principles of Conscious Creation, the 5 steps to creating anything you choose, and understanding the structures that lead to success or failure.

Conscious Leadership

Articles on the leader’s role in creating businesses where humans can thrive and create greater impact and fulfillment as well as higher profitability.

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This is like no other coaching program! Working with Dixie has brought me into the most dynamic and creative time of my career. Her process – a powerful combination of intuition and action – has transformed my outlook and approach to life. I've raised my game and look forward to dreaming – and achieving – even more terrific results.


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